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Successfully dredging tests of ECODRAGA project

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The experimental journey carried out for testing the dredging systems designed for the ECODRAGA project, was conducted in the presence of the project parters. Tests were performed succesfully in the waters of the outer Harbour of A Coruña.

The experimental dredging was conducted in the area indicated by the A Coruña Port Autorithy and consisted of the removal of sediment (mostly sand) with normal working suction regime. During the tests,  it was found that thanks to the systems installed,  turbidity did not occur on the sea surface.

Before performing the sea trials, ECODRAGA project partners explained to an audience of researchers from Vigo and A Coruña
Universities, shipbuilding responsibles and dredging companies, the details of the new systems designed and installed by the team project .

The demonstration was attended by the whole business project consortium, formed by Canlemar, Nodosa and the Underwater Research Center (CIS), and in the  presence of  the other participating research groups, such as the Centre of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering (CIMA), Sonitum and Group image processing and virtual reality (GPI-RV) from Vigo University, the Integrated Engineering Group (IPG) of A Coruña University and the Ocean Technology Center (CETMAR).

ECODRAGA team also wants to thank the A Coruna Port Authority help in conducting this demonstration.

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