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It has been ordered to NODOSA SHIPYARD by the Dutch company OSPREY GROUP FISH, belonging to the prestigious family of shipowners and fishermen DE BOER.

The fishing vessel "HENK SENIOR", our construction number CN283, with registration number  LH356, was recently delivered at our facilities in Marín.


It has been ordered to NODOSA SHIPYARD by the Dutch company OSPREY GROUP FISH, belonging to the prestigious family of shipowners and fishermen DE BOER. With British flag it has been built under the requirements of the MCA.

It is intended for demersal fishing and will work in the North Sea and the Channel.


Is a twinrig trawler and  flyshooter with 28.60 m length overall vessel (23.99 m registered), 10 m moulded breadth and is below 400 gross tonnage


She is powered by an ABC 6DZC 749 kW main engine driving a ducted five-bladed propeller through a REINTJES gearbox to give a speed of 11.50 knots and 25 Tn bollard pull. Two MAN 320 kw 400 volt auxiliary engines are fitted, and a CATERPILLAR 86 kw 400 volt as harbour generator.


Steering comes from an electro-hydraulic ‘RAM’ type unit and a high-lift flap rudder. Furthermore, a 130 kW bow thruster was installed.


Deck machinery was supplied by IBERCISA. The hydraulic package includes a pair of two-speed flyshooting winches, twin two-speed net drums and a 20 Tn trawl winch. Two eight-tonne auxiliary winches were also included as well as an electrically powered anchor winch. 


1 GUERRA M140.903 deck crane was also fitted.


The vessel’s fish-hold is around 120 cubic meters - 1200 boxes of capacity - , and is fitted with two GENEGLACE flake ice machines with a 2500 kg daily capacity.


She has accommodation for a crew of ten in four double bunk cabins and a single bunk cabin. All the accommodation has been done with great care, always looking for the greatest comfort for the crew.


Her bridge, with a design made specifically for greater control of the manoeuvres of trawling, enjoys 360º of visibility.


The vessel’s home port will is Leith on the east coast of England.


With this delivery, NODOSA keeps going forward in its production schedule of fishing vessels. The longliner CFL HUNTER , 60m L.O.A., Falkland Islands´ shipowners has been recently delivered. At the present moment we are building several trawlers: one of 64m L.O.A. and another of 74m L.O.A.for the same mentioned fishing ground of the Falkland Islands, another of 50m L.O.A. for NAFO (Canada) and two ones of 35m each one for German shipownersl operating in the North Sea fishing grounds. In addition, it has just signed two more trawlers for The Netherlands, one of them almost a twin to the delivered HENK SENIOR, and another one of 36m work in the same waters.


In addition to the aforementioned fishing vessels, a tugboat of 70 Tn BP to a national shipowner,  an ecological pontoon-dredger resulting from an R & D & I project, and two MARPOL service  vessels to operate in the Port of Barcelona, are close to be delivered by NODOSA.



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