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She is a modern freezer stern trawler equipped with latest technology and efficiency solutions for fishing squids on the Falkland Islands fishing grounds.

The ship, result of an intensive work between the ship owner  and the ship builder for several years, has achieved a perfect communion between the needs and conditions of the shipowner, the solutions provided by the shipyard and the flag  regulations (British Administration).

Fishing vessel MONTEFERRO has been fully designed by NODOSA´s Technical Office, having into account all those needs and requirements

She has a LOA of 63.70 meters, a beam of 12 meters and 1499 GT. This freezer stern trawler has equipment and elements that achieve the optimization of capacities and systems, providing her with the best features in energy matters, fishing maneuver, trawling capacity, volume of catches, freezing capacity, cruising and trawling speed, communications and navigation, crew comfort, and environmental respect.

Here are some of her most remarkable characteristics:



The propulsion system is based on a variable-pitch propeller powered by a main engine of 2400 kW.

The usual operation is in constant r.p.m.  mode at 750 r.p.m., having the possibility to navigate in combined mode, combining the revolutions of the main engine with the pitch of the propeller, reducing the consumption considerably without great loss of both speed and power.



The fish factory has been designed in order to have an optimus flow of work from fish hopper to blasts freezer

To avoid uncontrolled waste discharges, a tank has been installed with a side discharge hatch, controlled from wheelhouse and with internal cleaning system.



A sophisticated management system, using  frequency converters and R407F as refrigerant gas, drives 4 compressors for 8 blasts freezers and an additional compressor for both cargo hold and cargo tweendeck. According to requirements management system drives equipments to reach  -30ºC  inside blasts freezers and -40ºC inside both hold and tweendeck.



Anchoring, mooring and fishing equipment are electrically driven, using frecuency converters and are connected to main switchboard.

Fishing equipments are driven by Scantrol system being handled both remotly –from wheelhouse- and locally from the equipment itself.

Energy generated by fishing winches on hauling off net phase is saved due to a built-in funtion. On this phase, fishing winches work as an energy generator instead an energy consumer.



The wheelhouse design, 360 º total visibilty, combine the best of the traditional trends and modern lines, giving it functionality, comfort, and amplitude when handling different tasks.

Within the innovations, a video matrix system of navigation equipment management has been installed, with a wide range of configuration possibilities in the different screens distributed throughout the main console.



One of the innovations of MONTEFERRO is her inverted bow, not frequent in this type of vessels. This design influences her hydrodynamic and this on its navigability and behaviour at sea, especially at cruising sailing.

For optimization of characteristics, a top quality anticorrosion coating system has been applied to vessel´s hull. Antifouling based on silicone has been applied in the bottom hull. Additionally to better sliding conditions, provides better hull protection against adhesion.


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