The Company

NODOSA GROUP, naval & industrial vocation

The Company


Welcome to Nodosa Group, a company specializing in the shipbuilding and industrial sector. Founded more than 40 years ago, we combine tradition, solidity and dynamism, with the very characteristics of a company that has kept a young, innovative soul.

Our naval activity focuses almost exclusively on metalhulled vessels, its design, construction, large transformation, maintenance and repair, both in dry dock and at sea, of our own manufacture or third parties.

Our activity encompasses the naval sector, but also other industrial sectors such as the traditional chemical, wood and granite sector, or the more innovative wind power and aeronautical industries.

Welcome to a qualified and polyvalent company for your project. Welcome to NODOSA GROUP.



NODOSA has its origins more than 40 years ago, as an auxiliary metal industry company.

In 1982, its boiler workshop was opened and, in the early ‘90’s, it acquired the concession of some small dry docks. After several stages of growth and expansion, the former were to become what is now the FACTORY and the MAIN OFFICES. The latter became the large SHIPYARD that it is today.

Alongside that, other work centers have been added, such as the MECHANICAL WORKSHOP. Doing so, NODOSA has gradually acquired the solidity and versatility required to be able to respond to the most demanding guarantees on the national and international market.


Nodosa Group knows that the best guarantees for our work are our experience, the constant enlargement of our modern infrastructures, our technological and production capacity, our vision of the future, and our reliability, a constant of each one of our processes.

We have built and fitted out over 300 vessels throughout our history, manufactured a vast amount of hulls and superstructures, and have carried out an infinite number of industrial works.

At Nodosa, we are committed to our customers, a commitment that began over 40 years ago.


The on-going training of our human resources is another prominent objective to achieve the best level of service that Nodosa seeks.

We have the latest technology in Technical Engineering to personalize each project in the most efficient manner. This is backed up by an experienced production team that gives a rigorous response to the needs of each process and by a group of people who carry out all the tasks relative to administration and finances.

Our customers’ loyalty rests on all of them.


NODOSA, as a living being immersed in the society that surrounds it, is particularly concerned about the environment of which it is a part.

This is its way of understanding that only in this manner can it achieve its real mission as an economic and social agent. Hence, the company actively takes part in numerous activities designed to preserve the values and traditions of the surrounding community.

The benefits of this commitment are numerous, ranging from entities that provide their services to the more underprivileged, to all sorts of groupings such as sports clubs, diverse types of leisure-festive associations, entities to do with protecting the environment, or bodies organizing acts and cultural events, among others.