Welcome to Nodosa Group


A company specializing in the shipbuilding and industrial sector. We combine tradition, solidity and dynamism, with the very characteristics of a company that has kept a young, innovative soul.

  • History

    Our naval activity, based on an experience that goes back to the beginning of the last century, it focuses almost exclusively on metalhulled vessels, in its design, construction, large transformation, maintenance and repair, both in dry dock and at sea, of our own manufacture or third parties.

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  • Quality

    Our projects are endorsed by our extensive experience, our technological and production capacity, as well as by the constant enlargement of our modern infrastructures. Our reliability and vision of the future is a constant of each one of our processes.

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    Nodosa is strategically well located in the Rías Baixas of Galicia, in the Northwest of Spain, in the province of Pontevedra, where the shipbuilding and industrial sector, historically, has acknowledged international prestige.

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Our company has gradually and naturally grown over the years and has finally become the modern day GROUP of enterprises. Our activity encompass the naval sector, but also other industrial sectors such as the traditional chemical, wood and granite sector, or the more innovative wind power and aeronautical industries.

All areas are devoted to complement each other, make optimum use of their synergies, diversify markets and provide the widest range of services with full coverage of customer needs and satisfaction.


    Nodosa Group knows that the best guarantees for our work are our experience, the constant enlargement of our modern infrastructures, our technological and production capacity, our vision of the future, and our reliability, a constant of each one of our processes. 
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    For our company, the safety is one of the most important values. Hence, we have carried out different actions over the industrial process in order to provide our workers with the best conditions and allow them to work completely safely. 
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    Thanks to the integration of our Quality, Environment and Occupational Hazard Prevention systems in a single Total Quality Management System, we have given greater strength and cohesion to our commitment with the future. 
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  • R&D&I

    Our commitment to design and concern for improvement, have led our company to continual renewal to go ahead and deal with the new challenges of the market. This innovative culture is present in each and every one of our activities, this is the reason why Nodosa has an own R&D&I system certificated under the UNE 166002:2006 standard. 
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