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Nodosa: new trawler for New Zealand

21 de October de 2023

NODOSA WILL BUILD A LATEST GENERATION TRAWLER FOR TALLEY’S LIMITED, OF NEW ZEALAND. The shipbuilding contract of a very modern factory trawler vessel for one of the most prestigious and oldest New Zealand fishing companies in the sector comes into force.

In this new unit, which is the construction number 307 of the shipyard, the definition and development of the project has been entirely the responsibility of NODOSA’s own Technical Department. This design has been carried out with great care and detail in recent months in close collaboration with the Shipowner’s Technical Team, which therefore begins the process of renewal and modernization of its fishing fleet.

With a length of 79 meters by 15.50m beam, this vessel will be the largest unit in the shipping company’s fleet, and will be used mainly for fishing and processing different types of species from the rich fishing grounds of New Zealand.

Following the requirements and philosophy of the shipowner, as well as all current trends in fishing vessels, the boat will be a display of energy efficiency and sustainability, respect for the environment, safety and comfort for the crew, and quality of its products from the catch until its final sale.

Specifying the mentioned in the previous paragraph, the ship will dispose, among other issues, of:

– Use of the reverse current generated during shooting the nets to reduce the amount of necessary energy generation and boosting. Lower engine rates means greater fuel savings and, therefore, fewer harmful emissions.

– Combination mode (pitch-rpm) by using floating frequency of shaft generator, the main engine further increases fuel savings, as it will always operate at an optimal point of consumption curves.

– NOx emissions control, by using selective catalyst reactor (SCR).

– Semi-pelagic doors that will be accompanied by nets designed to reduce resistance in water and contact with the bottom during trawling, being more selective in the catches while minimize fuel consumption and pollution of gas emissions.

– Complete processing of the catches, obtaining a product ready for distribution (fillets and HG), quick frozen entirely on board to maintain the freshness of the fish.

– Fully automated factory for palletized stowage of the final product, optimizing storage and unloading times.

– Zero discards: all sub-products and non-commercial species are processed and converted into fishmeal and fish oil. This not only protects the environment, but also increasing the added value of the catches.

– Installation on board of heat recovery system, the wasted energy of exhaust gases and engine cooling water, to be used for the steam and hot water production, necessary for the fishmeal plant, and for on-board services (heating, etc.), so also contributing to the reduction of fuel consumption.

– Optimization of lines and shapes of the hull, by CFD modelling, specifically focused for vessel application and navigation area, to achieve best hydrodynamics with lowest seaworthiness resistance and behaviour at sea.

– Crew comfort, have been carefully considered, far exceeding what is required for fishing vessels.

For NODOSA this project means another step in its internationalization and consolidation as a first world-class shipbuilder of fishing vessels of the highest level, and whose choice by the shipowner is based above all on the very high quality of the vessels it builds, as well as in its customization capacity.

Shipyard and Shipowner are especially proud of the work carried out, the result of which is a project at the forefront in all the disciplines that are required of the sector today to be considered a ship of the future.